Professional Binding Products

  1. Pro-Bind Refurbished 1000 Professional Thermal Binding Machine (R4PB1000)

    • Hard Cover & Soft Cover Binding Capabilities
    • Simple One-Touch Operation
    • Convenient Built-In Cooling Rack
    • Energy Saving Mode
    • Dimensions: 15.5" W x 8-7/8" D x 4-1/4" H
    Part #: R4PB1000


  2. Renz SC Cutting and Bending Pliers for Coil Binding (RSCPLIERS)

    • Product Type: Cutting and Bending Pliers
    • Product Number: RSCPLIERS
    • Professional grade
    • High quality steel
    • Cushioned handles
    Part #: RSCPLIERS


  3. Powis Parker Fastback Hardcover Guide (PPHCG2)

    • Professional Results--- Produce hard cover books that match commercially manufactured books in quality and durability.
    • Easy to Use --- It only takes a few minutes to learn to use the Fastback Hardcover System. Anyone can be up and in production immediately.
    • No Set-Up --- Whether you make one book, or one thousand, there is never any set-up, so there is never any waste.
    • Saves Money --- Produce only as many books as you need. There is never any overstock.
    • Dimensions: 20.75" W x 3.125" H x 14" D
    Part #: PPHCG2


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