Spiral Pouch Laminators

  1. Spiral Sprinter 335R6 13" Pouch Laminator (JB335R6)

    • Features:
    • Automatic Power Off - If not in use for more than 2 hours, the power will automatically go into cool-down mode and shut off.
    • Strong Air Cooling System - For fast, high quality laminating
    • Super Clean Rollers (International Patented) - A special anti-static treatment resists dust and resin build up.
    • LCD Control Panel Buttons:
    Part #: JB335R6


  2. Spiral Quick-Lam 13" Dual Heat Pouch Laminator (DH330)

    • Metal Cover - For a longer lasting lifespan & a more professional, heavy duty look.
    • Silicon Rollers - Provide the flexibility of laminating with or without a carrier.
    • Metal Gears - To guarantee strength and durability.
    • Motor - Heavy-Duty.
    • Reverse Switch - Allows easy corrective action for jams. i.e. when document is improperly fed or temperature was set too high.
    Part #: DH330


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