Standard Perfect Binding Machine

  1. Standard Perfect Binding Machine (BQ-160)

    • Easy Operation: Unlike other perfect binders, the BQ-160 requires little adjustment. A simple switch allows the operator to immediately select one of three binding modes: perfect binding with two way notching (for maximum book strength); perfect binding without notching (for very thin books); and padding. The notching, adhesive application and nipper clamping are all automatic. The only thing the operator needs to do is place a cover into position.
    • Precision Engineering: The superior design of the BQ-160 for the cut sheet market lets the operator produce big machine quality without the complication, noise and residual paper dust of bigger perfect binders. Since the on-demand market primarily uses cut sheets and requires a clean operating environment, the BQ-160 is uniquely designed to meet these needs. Its two way notching of the book block provides twice as many notches for maximum adhesive penetration --- creating not only an extra strong bind, but a cleaner, quieter operating environment.
    • Optimum Performance: Another unique feature of the BQ-160, commonly found on more expensive binders, is its dynamic nipper table which automatically senses and adjusts to the size of the book. This not only produces a strong, square bind every time, but simplifies operation as well. A cover detection sensor prevents the unit from cycling until a cover is positioned, minimizing waste and maximizing productivity. Whether you're looking to move up from a table-top binder, or want to bring your binding in-house to improve your turnaround and increase your profitability, the Standard BQ-160 Perfect Binder is the perfect choice.
    • Simple Operator Controls: With no complicated adjustments, the BQ-160's userfriendly design couldn't be easier.
    • Clean Operation: An efficient paper dust vacuum system keeps the environment clean and helps insure a consistently strong bind. An extra large paper dust bag is fully enclosed, but easily accessed and detached for cleaning and emptying.
    Part #: BQ-160


  2. Akiles CoilMac ECP Heavy Duty Electric Coil Punch Machine (CoilMac-ECP41)

    • 5 Disengageable Punch Pins: Specially designed disengageable positions guarantee a clean punch with most standard paper sizes.
    • Side Margin Control: Provides and evenly centered punch for all document sizes.
    • Depth Margin Control: 4 settings provide the perfect punch margin depth for different coil sizes.
    • Punching & Inserting Switch.
    • Foot Pedal Operation: Allows the free use of both hands, with full control of punching and inserting.
    Part #: CoilMac-ECP41


  3. Standard Horizon Table-Top Perfect Binder (BQ-P60)

    • Easy operation: The display Indicator lamps on the operating panel guide you through the simple operating steps
    • High productivity: 180 books/hour
    • Professional binding quality: A cover is glued to the book spine and then clamped to create an attractive finished appearance
    • Flexible binding styles: Choose from three different binding styles -- Binding with cover, Binding with tape, or Pad binding
    • Comfortable operation: An integrated smoke extractor and filter system is a standard feature to clean the air and remove any glue odors from office environments
    Part #: BQ-P60


  4. Count EZCreaser Digital Creasing Machine (CEZCREASER)

    • Offers a reliable top-load friction paper feed.
    • Rotary actuated impact creasing.
    • Automated Distance Recognition allows auto setups for your most common creases and corresponding folds, including perfect bind.
    • Comes standard with rotary perf wheel assembly.
    • Optional micro-perf and score wheel assemblies are available.
    Part #: CEZCREASER


  5. Fastbind C400 Manual Creaser (FBC400)

    • Two Alignment Guides. Fastbind’s C400 is specially designed to crease soft book covers for perfect binding, spread prints for Fotomount binding and cards for on-demand publishing. With two alignment guides, you can make two different setups, for example, to fold a letter-size sheet along three lines, or the make the standard four creases for soft book covers.
    • Adjustable Creasing Power. Although manually operated, you can adjust the C400 to consistently give a deeper or shallower crease using the adjusters located under the creasing bar.
    • Manual Creasing Machine.
    • 1-4 Creases with One Setup.
    • Precise Creases.
    Part #: FBC400


  6. Novus B54 170-Sheet Long Arm Heavy Duty Stapler (023-0038)

    • Anti Blocking System prevents staple jams.
    • Bypass system prevents overlap of staple legs when stapling smaller quantities.
    • 17 3/4" in length and has a throat depth of 9 7/8" which makes it perfect for binding booklets as well as heavyduty stapling.
    • Dual staple guide encases the staples and provides superior performance and reliability.
    • Rotating anvil for bypass or parallel stapling.
    Part #: 023-0038


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