Wood Base Laser Guillotine Paper Cutter

  1. X-Acto 12" Wood Base Laser Guide Guillotine Paper Cutter (EPI26642)

    • Features a laser that comes on automatically when the blade is lifted
    • Self-healing cutting mat with an easy-to-read grid
    • Auto-off battery-saver feature (battery included)
    • Cutting Supported:12 Sheet
    • Self-healing cutting mat with an easy-to-read grid
    Part #: EPI26642


  2. Swingline ClassicCut Laser 12" Guillotine Trimmer (SWI-9712)

    • Laser illuminates the exact cutting line to make aligning paper easier for straighter, more precise cuts
    • Durable wood base withstands heavy use and keeps the trimmer stable during cutting
    • Metal cutting arm with guillotine blade swings open and closed to effortlessly make straight cuts on photos and documents
    • Blade self sharpens during use so trimmer continues to make clean cuts on every job
    • Alignment grid and dual scale ruler ensure cuts are always exact
    Part #: SWI-9712


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