1170 HP Ink Cartridges for CoverBind envPrinter
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1170 HP Ink Cartridges for CoverBind envPrinter

Brand: Coverbind
  • Product Type: Ink Cartridges
  • Compatible with Coverbind envPrinter® Envelope Printer
  • Available in Yellow, Black, Magenta and Cyan
  • HP Thermal Inkjet Technology
  • Ships Free Over $75
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Product Name Item Number Price Qty
1170 HP Ink Cartridge Yellow 225ml for CoverBind envPrinter 84CBPM-PHP022Y
1170 HP Ink Cartridge Cyan 237ml for CoverBind envPrinter 84CBPM-PHP023C
1170 HP Ink Cartridge Magenta 233ml for CoverBind envPrinter 84CBPM-PHP023M
1170 HP Ink Cartridge Black 498ml for CoverBind envPrinter 84CBPM-PHP049K

Product Description

Keep your Coverbind envPrinter® envelope printing machine running at full capacity with our collection of manufacturer-direct ink cartridges. Choose from black, magenta, cyan, or yellow [link to the simple pages] or buy the full collection. While the envPrinter™ does show you the ink levels for all four cartridges at all times, we recommend keeping at least one extra full set of cartridges on-hand to ensure there is no down time if ink starts to run low.

Product Details

  • Superior Color Fidelity: Pigment based HP Ink offers enhanced color stability with exceptional durability to fading and smudging. Experience the difference with our high-performance ink, crafted to produce stunning, true-to-life colors. Perfect for a wide range of envelope printing needs, from official business communications to personal invitations, our ink ensures vibrant and dynamic color output.
  • Consistent Printing Excellence: Designed for longevity, our ink cartridges offer HP Thermal Inkjet Technology for crisp, clean edges.
  • Optimized for envPrinter®: Our cartridges are precisely engineered for seamless compatibility with the Coverbind envPrinter®, guaranteeing smooth and reliable printing every time. With our ink, you can expect professional-grade prints without the worry of smudging or ink leakage.
  • Additional Color Options: Beyond our premium black, we offer a comprehensive color lineup including Black, Yellow, Magenta, and Cyan. Utilize our complete color range to unlock the full potential of your creative projects and achieve stunning results across the spectrum.

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