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41" x 328' 4mil PrintGuard UV Ultra Matte Heat-Activated Laminating Film
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41" x 328' 4mil PrintGuard UV Ultra Matte Heat-Activated Laminating Film

41" x 328' 4mil PrintGuard UV Ultra Matte Heat-Activated Laminating Film

Part #: SPGUV11056
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Brand: SEAL

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Main Features:
  • Roll Width: 41"
  • Roll Length: 328'
  • Film Finish: Matte
  • Speed: 1mpm-1.5mpm


This 41" x 328' 4mil PrintGuard UV Ultra Matte Heat-Activated Laminating Film is the best choice for graphics displayed in intense lighting conditions such as television production sets. This film gives an attractive ultra matte finish. It is suitable for general heat-seal laminating of photographic, inkjet and paper subjects. Select this finish for absolutely no glare on your image.

Product Details

  • Resistance. Heat Resistance range: -25°C (-13°F) to 115°C (239°F) Resistance to most oils, fats, alkalies, mild acids and water.
  • Reactivity Hazard Data. Chemical stability: Stable. Incompatibility: Avoid contact with strong acids and bases. May react violently with Fluorine.
  • Health Hazard Data. Ingestion: Non toxic; Skin contact: Non irritating; Inhalation: Upon overheating may produce fumes. Remove personnel to fresh air and reduce heat to film.
  • Visual Fire and Explosion Hazards. Extinguishing media: Water spray, Carbon Dioxide or Powder. Fire fighting procedures: Respiratory and eye protection should be provided for trained fire fighting personnel to avoid contact with combustion products. Unusual Fire and Explosion Hazards: The products of incomplete combustion include: carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, acetaldehyde, acrolein. A static discharge device is required to eliminate electrostatic build up on the roll, as it is being unwound and rewound, especially in explosive areas.
  • Precautions for Safe Handling and Use. No special hazards anticipated under normal conditions encountered in storage, processing and disposal. Waste Disposal Methods: Incineration or landfill.
  • Control and Protective Measures. No protective clothing required under normal conditions of use. Gloves may be required when handling extremely hot films.
  • Storage. Shelf life: Two years under the correct storage conditions (Temperature: 20°C/68°F and Relative Humidity: 65%)
  • Film Durability - 4 Years. This durability statement is derived from outdoor exposure based on European climate. The information does not relate to the printed media, but only to the lamination film used. Indoor exposure will increase the durability rating of the film specified.
  • Recommended Application. Rigid Indoor Displays.


  • Type of film: 75 micron (3mil) PVC
  • Roll Width: 41"
  • Roll Length: 328'
  • Type of Adhesive: Heat activated Solvent Acrylic
  • Type of Release Liner: PE coated Kraft
  • Total Construction: 100 micron (4 mil)
  • PH Value: 7.0
  • Estimated UVA protection factor: 190
  • Estimated UVB protection factor: 5000
  • Temperature: 95°C/203°F
  • Speed: 1mpm-1.5mpm
  • Process Settings for Seal Presses:
    • Temperature: 95°C/203°F
    • Dwell Time Vacuum Presses: 10 mins
    • Hard Bed Presses: 8 mins


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