Accessories for Morgana BM5035/S Landscape Bookletmaker
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Accessories for Morgana BM5035/S Landscape Bookletmaker

Brand: Morgana
  • Finishing Module – Now standard.
  • Staple and Stitch options.
  • Color Graphical Interface.
  • Hand Feed Capability.
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Product Name Item Number Price Qty
Morgana 50-Sheet Upgrade Kit for BM5035/S Bookletmakers 04PLBM50SUK
Morgana CST5000 (3.0) - Crease & Side Trim Unit for BM5035/S Bookletmakers 04PLCST5000
Morgana Trim Waste Conveyor for CST Unit 04PLCST5000TWC
Morgana Antistatic Bar Kit for CST 3000/5000 04PLBMCTS3000ASB
Morgana ST5000 Two-Knife Bleed Trimmer for BM5035/S Bookletmakers 04PLST5000
Morgana Convenience Feeder (800-Sheet Capacity) for BM5035/S Bookletmakers 04PLST5000CV
Morgana Ultra Sonic DSD Kit for BM5035/S Bookletmakers 04PLBM50USDSD
Morgana Waste Transport for FM5000 Module 04PLFM5000WT
Morgana Hand Feed Tray for BM5035/S Bookletmakers 04PLBM50HFD
Morgana BM5035S 4 Head Upgrade Kit 04PLBM50354HUK
Morgana BST 4000-1 Extended Conveyor Stacker to BM 4000/5000 Bookletmakers 04PLBST40001

Product Description

Morgana BM5035/S are the ultimate booklet maker. Larger cut-sheet sizes, A4/letter landscape, and oversized booklets up to 24.4" long sheets are all supported by this booklet maker. It has two maintenance-free staple heads that increase productivity and efficiency while lowering the cost of the book. It also includes a standard Finishing module, which combines the SquareFold and face trim capabilities in one unit to produce professional-looking finished books. This machine's hand-free capability enables operators to easily drop complete collated sets into the Booklet Maker. The operation are simple! Operators are guided through the job setup process using detailed graphics that can provide step-by-step instructions. This adaptable system can be outfitted with an optional Crease Side Trimmer module, VFX Feeder, Side Trimming module to expand its capabilities and efficiency.

Please note: this product can only be shipped and sold to customers in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Oregon, and Washington.

Product Details

  • Finishing Module – Now standard. The Finishing module now places both SquareFold and Face Trim capabilities in one single module – and comes as standard. It adds the finishing touch with a square folded edge and printable spine. Gives booklets the professional look of a perfect bound book.
  • Staple and Stitch options. The Booklet Maker can be specified with either two staples or up to four stitching heads. This gives customers the ability to further tailor their system and finish a wider variety of booklet sizes. The system also can provide edge stitching in one or two locations for even more flexibility.
  • Color Graphical Interface. Operators are guided through job setup with detailed graphics that can provide step-by-step guidance. Getting professional results has never been easier.
  • Hand Feed Capability. This standard feature allows operators to easily drop complete collated sets into the Booklet Maker.
  • Optional Extras:
    • Convenience Feeder. A new optional Convenience Feeder is available with a capacity of up to 800 sheets. It can either feed covers or function as a feeder to make a simple, compact landscape booklet maker without the need for an additional feeder module.
    • CST crease/side trimming module. The System 5035/5050 can be enhanced by adding the CST creasing and side slitting module. It creates bleed trimmed booklets “on the fly” eliminating the need for a guillotine prior to production.
    • VFX High Capacity feeder. The VFX high capacity dual bin feeder gives the ability for long uninterrupted runs of booklets. The bins can be loaded on the run with pre-collated sets from multiple print engines.
    • ST5000. ST5000/side trimming module (Optional) The ST5000 is a high end 2-knife trimmer and enables a second option to achieve full bleed booklets. The ST5000 cuts the top and bottom of the book after it is stapled and folded to ensure optimal finish.

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Item Specifications

  • Paper Size Minimum: 120 x 210mm / 4.73” x 8.27” or 206 x 210mm / 8.1" x 8.27"
  • Paper Size Maximum: 320 x 620mm / 12.6” x 24.4”
  • Stock Range: 65 – 300gsm / 18lb bond – 110lb cover dependent on paper
  • Minimum Set Thickness: 1 sheet 80gsm / 20lb bond (when folded makes an 4 page leaflet)
  • Maximum Set Thickness: 3.5mm / 0.39” and 5mm / 0.197” (approx. 200 pages of 80gsm / 20lb bond.
  • Maximum Finished Book Thickness: 10mm / 0.39" (approx 200 pages 80gsm / 20lb bond)
  • Staples per Cartridge: 5000 or Approx. 50,000

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