Perfectly fold your pages automatically with a variety of fold types. Crease your printed pages to avoid cracking and unsightly fold lines. Here at MyBinding we carry paper folding equipment in every price range. Whether you need a simple unit to sit on your desk or a massive air fed system for a print production facility we have them all and everything in between. Compact and easy to use, our Paper Scoring Equipment offers everything you might need to make your document scoring and binding processes more time-efficient and professional.

Cut paper, banners, foamboards, PVC, and more with the appropriate cutting machine. Find precisions trimmers, automated machines, and budget friendly general cutters. Cut your pages to size with the appropriate paper cutter. Whether trimming a single page, or cutting a large stack, we have the paper cutter for you. We offer budget friendly cutters, as well as machines that optimize your precision and productivitty. We have the best cutters/trimmers for individuals, schools, and businesses. Cut nearly any flat material with a quality substrate cutter. From hard materials like glass and hardboard, to specialty materials like framing mat. No matter what you are displaying, we have a cutter to cut the proper material.

Process your mailing materials with efficient machines, automating the process and saving you money. Fold, insert, seal, and print your envelopes. These machines will do everything but ship your mail for you. Professionally pack and wrap your packages to impress your customers immediately upon arrival.

Punch holes in your pages for binding books, organizing ring binders, and to hold ID badges. For companies looking to punch holes in large volumes of paper, a paper drill is the ideal solution. Paper drilling equipment works much like a drill press from an industrial shop. Turn the machine on and slowly pull down the handle as the spinning bit creates a perfect hole. Choose from a variety of electric options for higher volume use, manual desktop models, or ultra heavy duty manual units.

Whether you need to staple pages for school or the office, or you need to hold booklets together, we have a professional stapling machine for you. Create notepads with a padding press, and always stay stocked with compound. Booklet makers are designed to take a number of sheets of paper, staple them in the center and fold them into a booklet. Whether you are a small print shop, or a complete printing and bindery organization, we have padding presses designed specifically for you.