Wire Binding Clearance Equipment

Here at MyBinding we carry a selection of wire binding machines and equipment. Sometimes for various reasons these wire binding machines get returned or we use them as demonstration units, sometimes these machines are opened and used as the star of one of our informative videos. Whatever the reason, these units are no longer brand new so we have discounted them here for you as an Open Box. Because these are open box models, your box might have a few bumps and bruises or the machine might even have a dent or scratch, rest assured all of our units have been inspected by our certified service technicians and are functioning just like a brand new one.

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  1. Akiles WBM532 Modular Wire Closer - Open Box

    • Stand Alone Design: The WBM532 modular unit is designed to also work as a stand alone unit, thus no additional "holding device" is required.
    • Open-ended Closing Channel: allows closing of wires in any length, including those wires longer than 14".
    • Wire Closer Control: provides fast & accurate setup of the wire closer. Gradual adjustment guarantees a perfect wire closing result, regardless of the type of wire being used.
    • Closing Mechanism: Vertical
    Part #: MYR-WBM532


  2. Tamerica OfficePro-34E Wire Binding Machine - Open Box

    • Binding Material: Twin loop wire
    • Binding Capacity: 1/2"
    • Punching Length: 11.7" (A4)
    • 2 Adjustable Edge Guides.
    Part #: MYR-OFFICEPRO34E


  3. Akiles WireMac E 2:1 Electric Wire Binding Machine - Open Box

    • Die Disengagement Pins: For a clean and complete punching with different paper sizes.
    • Side Margin Control: Provides and evenly centered punch for all document sizes.
    • Wire Holder: Holds wire in place for easier inserting of sheets.
    • Open Punching Throat & Continuous Punching Guide: For an easy alignment & punching of longer documents.
    Part #: MYR-WireMacE21


3 Items

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