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Jade Green Fastback LX Strips

Some projects require a black strip to maintain a classic look. Other need a brighter tone to create contrast and catch attention. For these latter applications, there's only one choice for a Fastback LX Strip. A stunning jade green color and a linen-like texture make these strips as beautiful as they are practical. They are designed for the Powis Fastback 9 system, so you know you'll complete your projects quickly and to a high standard of quality. Select between the narrow or the medium widths to order the strips that will suit your reports, manuals, books, or important presentations perfectly.
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  1. Jade Green Powis Parker Fastback LX Strips Image 1

    Jade Green 11" Fastback LX Strips

    Jade Green Powis Parker Fastback LX Strips Image 1
    • Jade green color, linen-like texture.
    • Available in 11" lengths.
    • Widths available, Narrow (capacity: 1/2" 10 - 125 sheets) and Medium (1/2" - 1" 126-250 sheets).
    • Designed to work with the Powis Fastback 8x and 9 system.
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