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Khaki Fastback LX Strips

Give your projects a more creative accent with strips that stray from the usual black or white. These Khaki Fastback LX Strips are ideal, as they feature an eye-catching color tone that will make your projects stand out, especially if you use them to contrast lighter or darker covers. Made with a length of 8.5'', these strips have a narrow width and a capacity of 10 to 125 pages. You can easily use them with your Powis Fastback 9 system to complete your binding projects quickly and to a professional standard. Order you pack of 100 LX strips today to start saving money with MyBinding!
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  1. Khaki Fastback LX Strips - Narrow Width Image 1

    Khaki 8.5" Fastback LX Strips

    Khaki Fastback LX Strips - Narrow Width Image 1
    • Designed to work with the Powis Fastback 8x and 9 system.
    • Length: 8.5"
    • Has a capacity of 10 - 125 pages (1/2" thickness).
    • Available in a variety of colors.
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    Khaki 8.5" Narrow Powis Parker Fastback LX Hardcover Binding Strips - 100pk - NS052-LX NS052-LX

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