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Wide Fastback Speed Strips

These Wide Fastback Super Strips will bind a book in less time it takes you to get them out of the box and into your Powis Fastback 15 system! They provide the fastest binding cycle of any thermal strip, with a time of 10 seconds per book, so you can save precious time and speed up your production times significantly. The dark blue color is beautiful and elegant, while the 11'' length will suit a vast range of projects. Designed with a wide spine, the strips will hold between 256 and 375 sheets of paper, so you can bind your books in style!
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  1. Powis Parker Fastback LX Strips Image 1

    Wide Fastback Speed Strips

    Powis Parker Fastback LX Strips Image 1
    • Designed to work with the Powis Fastback 15 system.
    • Available in lengths of 11".
    • Has a capacity of 251 - 375 pages (1" - 1-1/2" thickness)
    • Fastest binding cycle of any thermal strip.
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    Dark Blue 11" Wide Powis Parker Fastback Speed Strips - W110S W110S

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