14" Fastback Super Strips
Ideal for larger projects, these 14'' long Fastback Super Strips will enhance the appearance of any presentation, documents, and books. Use them with your Fastback binding system to create a flawless product quickly and easily. These strips are also compatible with Powis printers, so you can foil print the title of your presentation or book on the spine, to add a luxurious and professional look. Choose between the black, white, and dark blue colors. We also carry three different widths, to suit both 10-125 page projects and 350 page books.
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  1. Black 14" Fastback Super Strips

    • Jet black Super Strips
    • Length: 14"
    • Widths; Narrow (capacity: 1/2" 10 - 125 sheets) Medium (1/2" - 1" 126-250 sheets) Wide (1" - 1-1/2" sheets)
    • Designed to work with Powis Fastback systems and printers.

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1 Item

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