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Powis Fastback Linen Hard Cover Strips

Powis Parker Fastback Linen Hardcover binding strips are designed specifically for binding hard cover documents with your Fastback binding system. These linen binding strips help to provide strength and flexibility to your hard bound documents. Available in three sizes (narrow, medium and wide), Fastback Linen Hardcover Binding Strips are designed for portrait hard cover books with an 11" binding edge. These strips are not available in colors due to the fact that they will never show when bound in a Fastback Hard Cover document. They'll hold together up to 125 pages, and they are give great strength and durability as well as attractiveness to your documents!
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  1. Fastback 11 Linen Hardcover Strips - 25pk Image 1

    Fastback 11" Linen Hardcover Strips - 25pk

    Fastback 11 Linen Hardcover Strips - 25pk Image 1
    • Available in narrow or wide.
    • Capacity depending upon narrow or wide strip, 3 - 350 sheets.
    • 11" in length.
    • 25 strips per package.
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