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GBC ZipBind Presentation Kits

If you're looking for quick and easy binding, then look no further! ZipBind from GBC is easy to use, and it is designed to have easy editing in mind. And we put together a kit for you-to make it all that easier! They include 2 5/16" spines, which hold up to 40 sheets of paper, 2 sets of pre-punched covers, and 50 sheets of pre-punched paper. ZipBind is the thinner version of GBC's ProClick, which means it's just that much easier to turn pages and fold over documents. The spines included in these kits are black and matte.
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  1. GBC Photo Flip Book Image 1

    GBC Photo Flip Book

    GBC Photo Flip Book Image 1
    • 10 glossy pre-punched photo papers, clear front, and black back cover
    • Editable spine
    • Available in letter, 5"x7" pr 4"x6"
    • Sold 1 each
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