Light Gray Regency Leatherette Covers
Sometimes the world just isn't black or white. Embrace the gray with these awesome leatherette binding covers are an awesome option for organizations that are looking to match their corporate colors and enhance their brand. Made from a heavy paper board that is coated with vinyl to give it the look and feel of leather, they are easy to punch, bind and can easily be embossed or foiled. We carry these covers in a more than a dozen sizes and offer windows, punching, foiling and round cornering. Some people refer to these covers as regency, leather-flex or flexi-grain. Whatever you want to call them, you will love them. Guaranteed!!

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  1. Regency Leatherette Foil Printed Vinyl Covers - Add Your Logo

    • Available in six different foil colors
    • Available in 10 different cover colors
    • Logo or text to be imprinted can either in brilliant or matte finish
    • Foil Stamped Logo (up to 5" x 3")


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2 Items

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