Single Reverse Collated Copier Tabs

These MyBinding Single Reverse Collated Copier Tabs are the most commonly used tabs on the market. Packaged in their cartons in 5-4-3-2-1 order, the reverse of how they will appear in the finished document, they are available in 1/5 cut (most common), 1/3 cut, 1/4 cut, 1/6 cut, 1/8 cut and 1/10 cut. Choose from the wide selection of sizes, thicknesses and styles we have listed below for the one you need. Whether it's the plain paper, the toner receptive clear Trilar tabs, or the multi-colored Trilar tabs and with reinforced binding edges, we have them and many more! Plus, they all work with all leading copier/printers including Xerox, Canon, IBM, Ricoh, Heidelberg and others!

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