Accufast Mailroom Equipment

Accufast Mailroom Equipment

Simplify the mailing process with an Accufast address printer. These printers connect like any standard printer, with provided software that lets you do bar code shaving, image rotation, number generation, password control to access set ups, and more. These printers can handle bulkier and uneven materials, so they can handle any mailer or booklet you can throw at them.
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Accufast Mailroom Equipment makes preparing large quantities of mail simple. Their tabbing machines, label machines, and printers can all work with feeders to set and forget large selections of envelopes or other deliverable. Spend less time preparing your mail, and simplify the process with Accufast Mailroom Equipment.

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  1. Accufast P8 Tabletop Address Printer

    • Accomodates Document Size: 14" (L) X 3" -17" (W) X .75" Thick
    • 330 cfm twin belt vacuum transport
    • Production Speed: Adjustable up to 50 inches per second
    • Print Area: 4” split into 2” segments
    Part #: ACCUFAST-P8


  2. Accufast P4 Tabletop Address Printer

    • Size: 16" long x 12" high x 16.5" wide
    • Production Speed: Adjustable up to 50 inches per second
    • Thickness: 2 sheets - .375"
    • Print Area: 2" split into 1" segments
    Part #: ACCUFAST-P4


  3. Accufast PMx Address Printer

    • Speed: Variable from 0 to 100 in. per second. Software linked to resolution.
    • Print Resolution: 150, 200, 300, 600 dpi horizontal; 300, 600 dpi vertical.
    • Thickness: Single sheet to 1/2 inch. Maximum Width 17.5", Maximum Length 17"
    • Image Area: Dependent on number of Imagers. Up to 4 imagers with 1.5 in. print each. Two imagers (3") print band is standard.
    Part #: ACCUFAST-PMx


3 Items

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