Avery Fashion Dividers
Keep your binder or planner organized in style with these Avery Fashion Dividers. Designed with both good looks and convenience in mind, these dividers are as fun and modern as they are practical. Order the fashion dividers you love from the list of products we’ve included on this page. We carry handy snap-in bookmark dividers which you can simply add to a binder, planner, or spiral notebook. These dividers also have a surface you can write on with a pencil, if you want to customize them easily. Here you can also find 5-tab and 8-tab multicolor dividers as well as movable tab dividers. Want a simple design or prefer an intricate and eye-catching Damask pattern? You can find both of these options at a great price, among many other products!

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  1. Avery 3" x 10-1/2" Write & Erase Spiral Slide-In Plastic Bookmark Dividers 1 set - 24980

    • Tab Style: 3 Tabs
    • Tab Color: Multicolor
    • A fun way to divide, subdivide or bookmark a spot in most spiral notebooks.
    • Write directly on tabs and body of bookmark with pencil.
    Part #: AVE-24980


  2. Avery BigTab Ultralast 8-Tab Multicolor Plastic Dividers with Assorted Border Design 1 set - 24903

    • Tab Style: 8 Tabs
    • Tab Color: Multicolor
    • Our most durable Avery Divider.
    • 1.5 times more printing space on tab than standard tabs.
    Part #: AVE-24903


  3. Avery Big Tab Insertable Pocket Multicolor 5-Tab Plastic Dividers (Damask Design) 1 set - 7714

    • Tab Style: 5 Tabs
    • Tab Color: Multicolor
    • A fun way to divide and store papers in your binder or planner.
    • Front pockets provide additional storage for loose papers.
    Part #: AVE-07714


3 Items

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