Best-Rite Whiteboard Accessories
Make the most of your Best-Rite whiteboard with these practical accessories. Here you can find an array of products, all designed to work perfectly with your whiteboard. The Best-Rite eraser cloth is perfect for magnetic whiteboards, as it features a magnet sewn into one of the corners, to attach easily to the surface of the whiteboard or to any surface that accepts magnets. This detail is especially handy with whiteboards that don’t have a tray. Eco-friendly and high-quality, the Best-Rite spray cleaner cleans dry-erase whiteboards without any ghosting. If you need a tray for your magnetic whiteboard, you can buy the Best-Rite Magnetic Q-Trays that come in two colors and provide a practical way to store markers and erasers.
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  1. Best-Rite Magnetic Q-Trays for Markers and Erasers

    • Available in 2 different color
    • For standard magnetic whiteboards only.
    • For magnetic glass boards use rare earth magnets.
    • Purchase two or more for larger boards.

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    Best-Rite Black Magnetic Q-Tray for Markers and ErasersMT-16

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