Carl Heavy Duty Trimmers
Step up your paper cutting process with one of these efficient and practical Carl Heavy Duty Trimmers. Designed to offer you a smooth cutting operation for more sheets of paper at a time, these trimmers are perfect for an office, school, print shop or any company that requires a heavy duty trimmer they can always rely on. Cut 20 or 36 sheets of paper at once and enjoy saving both time and money with every project. Choose from the different blade lengths for the one you need, we carry the 12'', 15'' 18'', and the 25'' Trimmers for various types of projects.
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  1. Carl DC-F5300 17" Heavy-Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer with Foldable Base

    • Cuts up to 45 sheets of 20lbs paper.
    • Green friendly trimmer, cuts cardstock, artist board, plastic sheets and more.
    • Patented locking rail mechanism and the luminous paper holder is made of light harvesting acrylic
    • Adjustable magnetic paper guide
    Part #: CUI25100


1 Item

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