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Worried you might run out of glue while working on your binding projects? With these Coverbind Binding Glues you can make sure that you always have the right supplies at hand. Check out the selection of products we’ve put together to find the item you need. We carry both thermal binding glue strips and thermal binding glue sheets. The former come in a range of sizes that suit 1/16" to 2" spine thicknesses of 8.5’’ x 11’’ books, with the strips themselves measuring 11’’ in length. You can order packs of 40 and 100, depending on size, with many other options in between. Need some glue sheets for your book covers? These Coverbind Flexicut thermal sheets measure 7-5/8" in width, 11" in length, and 1/32" in thickness. They also feature a weave/textile reinforcing material to offer superior binding strength.

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  1. Coverbind Thermal Binding Glue Strips

    • For 1/16" to 2" spine size thermal covers.
    • 1/16" to 2" wide and 11" long glue strips.
    • Made from environmentally friendly polymer glue that is embedded with a 100% pure book binding cotton textile mesh.
    • Can be used with your Coverbind On-Demand Covers or your own custom thermal covers.

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  2. Coverbind Flexicut 11" X 7-5/8" Thermal Binding Glue Sheets - 18pk

    • Width 7-5/8" x Length 11" x Thickness 1/32".
    • Easy, fast, strong and cost-effective.
    • Re-inforced with book binding weave/textile for superior binding strength.
    • The glue is an EVA polymer classified as Non-Hazardous according to applicable environmental regulations.
    Part #: 08CBFLEXICUTG


2 Items

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