Daige Speedcote Adhesive Wax System

The Daige Speedcote Adhesive Wax System is a great choice if you need an efficient and reliable solution to mount media to boards, prepare paper media to stick to any type of wall, or if you need to do traditional paste up work. The Daige Speedcoat Wax Coater can apply a full adhesive wax coating with a speed o 2 sec./ft, without needing any clean up after! You can order a wax coater with a 12.5’’ or 24.5’’ coating width. We also carry the wax adhesive supplies for these machines. The Daige BB9 Adhesive Wax Bars provide a removable bond, stick to any surface, and peel of easily. You can order these wax bars in packs of 5lb or 10lb.
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