Drytac Laminating Accessories
A leading brand in the laminating industry, Drytac is a name you can rely on and that applies to all their products, including this comprehensive selection of laminating accessories. You can find anything and everything you need here, and you don't even have to take our word for it. Just glance below at the long list of products from Drytac and you'll see exactly what we're talking about. Whether you want an oversized cutting matt, handling gloves, cutters, window squeegees for your vinyl film applications, storage carts for your laminating film rolls, adhesives. We could go on, but you get the message: the laminating accessory you're looking for is here, on MyBinding.

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  1. Drytac Dust Removal System Pad - (50 sheets/pad)

    • Qty: 50 Sheets/Pad
    • Warning: Is not suitable with Epson Printers
    • Part Number: PCRPAD
    • Roller is not included
    Part #: PCRPAD


  2. Drytac 12" Dust Removal System Roller - ACC9050

    • Size: 12"
    • Warning: Not suitable with Epson Printers
    • Removes dust and dirt from prints, substrates or film without leaving a tacky residue
    • Part Number: ACC9050
    Part #: ACC9050


  3. Drytac Zippy Cutter Replacement Blade (12pk) - ZC8011

    • Quantity: Package of 12
    • Fully enclosed by a moulded plastic handle to protect fingers and silicone rollers
    • Color: Silver
    • Part Number: ZC8011
    Part #: ZC8011


  4. Drytac Tac Cloth (25pk) - ACC9602

    • Quantity:: Package of 25
    • Designed to wipe down foam board, GatorFoam, MDF, hardboard and other mounting substrates
    • Improves finishing results and minimizes imperfections due to surface contaminants
    • Part Number: ACC9602
    Part #: ACC9602


4 Items

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