MHL Lustre UV 3mil Low Temp Laminating Film
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MHL Lustre UV 3mil Low Temp Laminating Film

Brand: Drytac
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  • 4 popular roll widths
  • 500' roll length
  • Low gloss, reduced glare and reflection
  • Melts as low as 190 - 220 degrees F
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MHL Lustre UV 3mil 38" x 500' Low Temp Laminating Film MLD38503

Product Description

MHL Lustre UV 3mil is a low temperature, low gloss overlaminating film that is designed to reduce glare and reflection. MHL Lustre is recommended for images viewed under direct lighting conditions. Low sheen with minimal loss of contrast of sharpness makes MHL Lustre UV particularly desirable. Its many uses include POP displays, courtroom presentations, etc.

Product Details

  • Film Width: 25" - 51"
  • Film Length: 500'
  • Film Thickness: 3.0mil
  • Core Size: 3"
  • Finish: Luster
  • Base Film: 0.5mil (13 micron) polyester
  • Adhesive: 2.5 mil (62 micron) co-extruded polyethylene copolymer
  • Initial Tack: None
  • Application Speed: 1' - 10' per minute
  • Application Temperature: 190 F - 220 F
  • Release Liner: None

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Item Specifications

  • Specifically developed for multi-heat roller laminators (MHL) and hotshoe laminators
  • Co-extruded for a carefully balanced ratio of polyester film to adhesive.
  • Higher clarity for more vibrant colors, reduced "orange peel", greater rigidity (which reduces wrinkles and waves) and better adhesive flow characteristics (wet out).
  • Available in a variety of thicknesses and finishes from standard gloss and lustre finishes to scratch-resistant films suitable for outdoor applications
  • Suitable for both single sided and double sided laminating (encapsulation) of photographic, electrostatic, inkjet-bond, xerographic and lithographic output, as well as many more applications.
  • Incorporate UV absorbers for excellent protection from damaging UV rays.


Part NumberRoll WidthRoll LengthThicknessFilm Finish
MLD2550325"500'3 milLuster
MLD3850338"500'3 milLuster
MLD4350343"500'3 milLuster
MLD5150351"500'3 milLuster

Technical Data

MHL Low Temperature Lustre is a high clarity, abrasion-resistant PET thermal laminating film with a low melt-point adhesive designed for high-speed single- and double-sided lamination. This overlaminate is specifi cally engineered with UV inhibitors to reduce image fading and protect against moisture. Its low sealing temperature preserves inks in digitally printed graphics, which can deteriorate at high temperatures. The film is resistant to water, oil, acid, and alkali and can be die cut. A 3 mil (75µ) and 5 mil (125µ) version are available.

Typical Applications
  • Engineered for large format output.
  • Increases rigidity and strength of media.
  • Preserves graphic images over time.

Physical Characteristics

Film Thickness 3 mil (75µ) 5 mil (125µ)
Film/Adhesive Ratio 0.5:2.5 2:3
Processing Temperature 185°F to 195°F (85°C to 91°C
Shelf Life Use within 1 year after opening original box
Storage Conditions 59°F to 72°F (15°C to 22°C); 50 - 55% Relative Humidity

Questions & Answers

Thank you for your question! Unfortunately the MHL Lustre does not have write on/off properties. If you have a hot lamination machine, we suggest the MHL Scribe, or for cold laminate the Protac Scribe. If you have any further questions, feel free to give us a call at 800-944-4573 between 6-5 PST.

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2 years and 6 months ago ago

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