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Drytac Artsafe Mounting Adhesives

Created especially for delicate, fragile artwork and documents, this amazing Drytac Artsafe adhesive will help you mount all your cherished prints, posters, family photos and original artworks safely. The 39"x82' adhesive will activate at a low temperature, can be removed if needed and will last for 200 years without significant degradation! Acid free and non-yellowing, with this Drytac Artsafe product you'll have a guaranteed safe material to mount important prints. Take care of your artworks by using the right adhesive, order yours today! Have additional questions about this product? Call us or send us an email!
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  1. Artsafe 200 Adhesive Mounting Tissue Image 1

    Artsafe 200 Adhesive Mounting Tissue

    Artsafe 200 Adhesive Mounting Tissue Image 1
    • Roll Width: 39"
    • Roll Length: 16' - 82'
    • Core Size: 3"
    • Artsafe 200 can age up to 200 years without significant degradation.
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