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Drytac TwinTac Mounting Adhesive

The Drytac Twintac Mounting Adhesive can be used in various situations, with many types of substrates and materials. Versatile, practical, and affordable, this high quality adhesive is available in a length of 150' and two widths, of 25.5'' and 51''. The double-sided adhesive has twin release liners that will help you cut it much more accurately, reducing unnecessary waste and saving you money with every use. Ideal for making pre-coated boards or for mounting prints and photos on foam boards or white display boards, this adhesive will certainly be loved by picture framers and photographers alike.
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  1. TwinTac Double-Sided Mounting Adhesive Image 1

    TwinTac Double-Sided Mounting Adhesive

    TwinTac Double-Sided Mounting Adhesive Image 1
    • Film Length: 150'
    • Film Width: 25.5" - 51"
    • Film Thickness: 2 mil - Monomeric Calendared PVC
    • Adhesive: 25ยต (1 mil) on each side of the film - Permanent Aqueous Acrylic (Pressure Sensitive)
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