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Drytac UltraTac Economical Adhesives

Do you have a trade show graphics to mount on a difficult substrate and dread the task? Need an extra strong adhesive to help you mount outdoor graphics with great efficiency? Look no further than Drytac UltraTac White Economical Adhesive! With a high tack, aggressive bond film coated on both sides with an aqueous acrylic adhesive that won't damage your prints, you'll find it easier than ever to mount prints quickly. All you'll need to do is have steady hands - the high tack means you'll have a finished product in no time! Make your life easier and use the right adhesive for your projects, choose UltraTac!
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  1. UltraTac White Economical Adhesive Image 1

    UltraTac White Economical Mounting Adhesive

    UltraTac White Economical Adhesive Image 1
    • 38" and 51" widths available
    • 328' roll length
    • Moisture stable release paper
    • High bond strength
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    UltraTac 38" x 328' White Economical AdhesivePSA26PW-38328

    Your Price: $499.59

    UltraTac 51" x 328' White Economical AdhesivePSA26PW-51328

    Your Price: $653.79

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