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Excel Packaging Air Pillow Machines

Say goodbye to the traditional bubble wrap because we at MyBinding.com offer an elegant alternative that will impress with the level of professionalism. We would like to introduce our air pillow machine. This machine works by shooting air into sacs then sealing the sac to trap the air leaving you with the perfect packaging material that will protect your contents. Not to mention the air pillow themselves are clean and sleek giving you an advantage. Plus this machine can produce 15 pillows per minute which is incredibly fast making this perfect for any packaging line. Check out the option we have below.
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  1. Excel QD-250 Air Pillow Machine Image 1

    Excel QD-250 Air Pillow Machine

    Excel QD-250 Air Pillow Machine Image 1
    • Air Pillow Film Thickness: 40 Microns
    • Air Pillow Size: Up to 5"
    • Capacity: 15 Pillows/Min
    • Power Supply: 110V/50Hz

    Your Price: $1,795.00

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