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Excel Packaging Adhesive Tape Seal Machines

Are you looking for an easier way to seal your container or lids, we at MyBinding.com would like to introduce you to our adhesive tape seal machine. This small by mighty machine can quickly and effective apply a clear adhesive strip that will provide a very secure seal so your contents won’t fall out or spill. You can also elect for custom sizes making this machine very universal. Not to mention the output is 500 pcs/hour. That’s pretty impressive for a machine like this. Check it out below and let us know if you have any additional questions.
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  1. Excel TA-20 Adhesive Tape Seal Machine Image 1

    Excel TA-20 Adhesive Tape Seal Machine

    Excel TA-20 Adhesive Tape Seal Machine Image 1
    • Adhesive Tape Strip Size: 3/4"
    • Max Packaging Width: 7" - 14.5" (180-370mm)
    • Max Packaging Height: 1" - 14" (25-350mm
    • Air Pressure: 6 Bar

    Your Price: $14,995.00

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