Fellowes Binding Supplies

Fellowes is a trusted brand for binding supplies as well as machines and laminators. They produce high quality gear that will keep your office running smoothly. Here we have their plastic binding combs and twin loop wire spines as well as their thermal binding covers. Their line of office supplies always stays professional in hue and practicality. They have black, white, and navy blue options and come in sizes most common for the office setting. So bind together your reports, projects, and presentations with Fellows binding supplies!

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  1. Fellowes Premium Black Plastic Binding Combs

    • Shiny Black plastic binding combs.
    • 19 ring binding combs are standard and come 11" long.
    • Fellowes combs are editable and hold between 10 and 425 sheets depending on size.
    • These combs are compatible with standard comb binding systems.

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  2. Fellowes Premium Black Wire Binding Elements - 25pk

    • Elegant black gloss twin loop wire.
    • This twin wire is 11" in length and 3:1 pitch, (32 holes, 3 holes per inch).
    • Diameters starting at 1/4" up to 9/16" and are able to hold from 5 to 130 sheets of 20lb paper.
    • Compatible with any wire closer or 3:1 wire binding machine.

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3 Items

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