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FiberMark Simulated Basketball Covers

Love basketball or just like to stand out from the crowd? These FiberMark Simulated Basketball Covers are simply perfect for you! Boasting an eye-catching texture and an embossed surface, these binding covers will add a distinctive appearance to any proposal or report, ensuring that your work gets noticed instantly. The covers measure 8.5’’ x 11’’, so they will fit most projects perfectly. The orange color is bright enough to catch attention but also slightly muted to maintain a professional look. Order these basketball-style covers today to not only make your projects truly unique but to also start saving money with MyBinding!
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  1. Basketball Embossed Binding Covers 10pk Image 1

    Basketball Embossed Binding Covers 10pk

    Basketball Embossed Binding Covers 10pk Image 1
    • Cover Size: 8.5" x 11" (Letter Size)
    • Color: Basketball Orange
    • Corners: Square
    • Quantity: 10

    Your Price: $10.59

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