Fujipla ALM Laminators Roll Film
There is nothing standard about these premium laminating films except that they melt at a standard temperature. These films are designed for use with works perfectly with ALM3220, ALM3230, and ALM3222 automatic laminating machines. These rolls are perfect for school and for laminate-for-pay applications where material costs need to be minimized in order to maximize budget savings. Drylam is a renown manufacturer of all things laminating, so you can trust you'll get high quality products. However, they are not recommended for hot shoe laminators or other roll laminators that require lo-melt laminating films.

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  1. Fujipla ALM Laminator Gloss Roll Film

    • Compatible with Fujipla ALM3220, ALM3230 and ALM3222 Automatic Laminators
    • Designed and developed for On Demand Digital prints
    • ALM film are ASAP Films (Always Sticks to All Prints)
    • Available in 1.5, 3, 5, and 10mil thickness

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  2. Fujipla ALM Laminator One-Sided Roll Film - 1.2mil Gloss Nylon 12.6" x 984' (1 Set)

    • Film Finish: Gloss
    • Hot or Cold: Hot
    • Thickness: 1.2 mil
    • Quantity: 1 Set (One roll of film and one roll of backer paper)
    Part #: SINGLE30GLOSS


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2 Items

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