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GBC Therm-A-Bind Premium Covers

These genuine GBC Therm-A-Bind Thermal Binding Covers are some of the highest quality thermal binding covers available on the market. Perfect for filing and mailing, you can bind documents permanently without holes or fasteners. Each cover consists of a back and spine made from a truly elegant paper stock, a clear front cover all with pre-applied adhesive in the spine that allows for a fast an easy binding process. Choose a 25 pack of white embossed grain covers that have a leather-like feel and look for truly elegant projects that will make an impression. Or, go with the 100 pack linen weave options available in three awesome colors. Classic black and white or intriguing navy blue, they all have a clear view, glossy front cover for perfect visibility. Order yours today.
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  1. White Grain ThermaBind Covers 25pk Image 1

    White Grain ThermaBind Covers 25pk

    White Grain ThermaBind Covers 25pk Image 1
    • White leatherette grain economy covers
    • Available in 4 different spines thicknesses
    • Sheet max capacity ranges from 10 to 90 sheets
    • Comes in packs of 25
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