Ghent Blue Aria Dry Erase Glassboards

Designed with a light blue color and a mounting system that makes them look weightless, these Ghent Blue Aria Dry-Erase Glassboards remind of a calm lagoon or a summer sky. But these dry-erase boards are not simply elegant, they’re also practical and convenient. They come with a magnetic or non-magnetic surface that doesn’t ghost or stain. A lower steel support bar also acts as marker storage, for more convenience. Easy to install, these blue glassboards come in vertical and horizontal orientations, both available in various sizes that range from 2’ x 3’ to 4’ x 8’ or 3’ x 2’ and 8’ x 4’. You can install them as a single unit or in a set of more boards to create a huge writing area in a spacious conference room or office.
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