Ibico/ GBC
Did You Know?
Ibico is GBC
In 1998 General Binding Corporation (GBC) Purchased the Ibico brand and today all Ibico products are now sold under the GBC Brand. Mybinding was a full line Ibico dealer at the time and today we are one of the largest GBC dealers in the nation. Shop for GBC binding and laminating products using the links below.
What Happened to Ibico/ GBC Binding Machines and Laminators?
For years, one of the largest names in the binding and laminating industry was Ibico binding machines and laminators, and binding supplies on the market. In recent years you might have noticed that the Ibico brand has disappeared from the marketplace. Prompting us to ask the question, what ever happened to the Ibico Brand name?
In 1998, Ibico AG was purchased by General Binding Corporation (GBC). However, GBC decided to continue to maintain the Ibico brand of products in addition the regular line of GBC products. GBC offered a full line of Ibico binding machines and binding supplies. This was the case until 2005.
After more than a decade of supporting both the GBC and Ibico brands, General Binding Corporation made the decision in 2005 to discontinue the Ibico line of products. When GBC made the decision to stop supporting the Ibico brand of products, many of the Ibico machines were rebranded under new GBC model numbers. The Ibico Ibimatic became the GBC CombBind C150, the Ibico Kombo became the GBC CombBind C250, the Ibico Ibimaster 300 became the GBC CombBind C300, the Ibico EPK21 became the GBC C800pro, the Ibico Ibimaster 500 became the GBC CombBind C500 and the Ibico 2700 Laminator became the GBC HeatSeal H800pro.
Many of Ibico's larger pieces of desktop binding equipment were also replaced with GBC models. The Ibico 660id was replaced by the GBC MagnaPunch, the Ibico 640id was replaced by the GBC MP2500ix interchangeable die punch and the Ibico 620 series of punches were replaced by the GBC MP2000 series of binding punches. Ibico's modular pieces of finishing equipment were also replaced. For instance the Ibico 340WB electric twin loop wire closer was replaced by the GBC TL2900 and the Ibico 240CB Coil Inserter was replaced by the GBC CC2700.
Of the thousands of other products carried as part of the Ibico line, many were also rebranded with the GBC name. Hundreds of products were also discontinued and disappeared when the Ibico name was phased out. If you are looking for a particular product, the best thing to do is just ask. If the exact product is no longer available it is likely that there is something equivalent available to meet your needs. So ask us and we'll figure it out for you.