Keencut Excalibur Vertical Multi-Substrate Cutters
You can instantly increase your company's productivity with these Keencut Excalibur Vertical Multi-Substrate Cutters that don't take as much space as a horizontal cutter, and also make cutting easier and more efficient. Create the ultimate cutting station in any print, graphic, photo, or copy shop, or in any business that needs a high-end, highly precise cutting system. The Keencut 63'' Excalibur 1000X and 5000 Substrate Cutters are manufactured with ready mounted tools for extra convenience, can cut through thicker materials, of up to 1/2", and we also carry a free standing kit that is compatible with both models. Here you can also find heavy duty blades and carbide glass cutting wheels, ideal for glass and mirrors of up to ¼'' thick.

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  1. Keencut Freestanding Kit for 65" SteelTrak, Excalibur 1000X, Excalibur 3S and 5000 - FSK160

    • Supports 65" SteelTrak, Excalibur 1000X, Excalibur 3S and 5000
    • Stands vertical to free up shop space and make cutting easier.
    • Bolts directly to the back of the Excalibur 5000, Excalibur 1000X, Excalibur 3S or 65" SteelTrak to create a rigid, free standing cutting unit
    • Enhances your cutting and finishing productivity
    Part #: 66002


  2. Keencut Replacement Cutting Wheels for Excalibur Cutters (1 Set) - EXCOW

    • Work with EXCOC Gold Head
    • These will not fit the old style “black” cutting head
    • Compatible with Excalibur Series Cutters
    • Old Part Number: 69110
    Part #: 69110


  3. Keencut Composite Twin Wheel Cutter Head for Excalibur 5000 and 1000x Cutters (1pk) - EXCOC

    • Work with Excalibur 5000, Excalibur 3S and 1000x Cutters
    • Shears 1/8" Masonite, heavy mat board and 3/8" PVC board
    • Comes in 1 Per Pack
    • Old Part Number: 69125
    Part #: 69125


  4. Keencut Scoring Blades for Acrylic (5pk) - SCO

    • Work with Simplex Cutter Bar and discontinued cutters: Max ,Evolution, Sabre GPC, Javelin, Javelin Xtra and Practik (STK & Excalibur series uses the back of a medium duty blade)
    • Comes in 5 Per Pack
    • Old Part Number: 69109
    • Designed to score acrylics and Plexiglas
    Part #: 69109


  5. Keencut Tungsten Carbide Glass Scoring Wheel For SteelTrak & Excalibur Cutters - CA50-015

    • Work with: Excalibur 5000 & SteelTrak Cutters
    • Can Cut Glass and Mirrors Up to 1/4"
    • Part Number is CA50-015
    • Compatible with all SteelTrak & Excalibur Series Cutters
    Part #: 69114


  6. Keencut Superior Quality Blades .080 Blade (100 pk) - CA50-010

    • Suitable for: Very hard materials such as PVC or Sintra Board
    • Quantity: 100 Blades
    • Handles the more difficult cutting needs for your school office, print shop, or other business
    • Part Number: CA50-010
    Part #: 69119


  7. Keencut Medium Duty Utility Blade (100 pk) - CA50-019

    • Suitable for: Standard materials up to 3/8" thick
    • Quantity: 100 Blades
    • Suitable for most standard materials like paper, covers, and more
    • Part Number: CA50-019
    Part #: 69108


7 Items

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