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Krinkle-It Paper Shredder

Perfect for creative applications and event decorations, this Krinkle-It Paper Shredder will help you create your very own crinkle paper in just a few steps. Compact and easy to use, this shredder has a shredding speed of 12.0 feet per minute, with an intake throat width of 8.66''. Making holiday decorations or stuffing for dolls or gift boxes is easy, fun, and safe, so the whole family can participate. Plus, with the paper shredders from Krinkle-It you can complete projects using old paper, newspapers, or magazines, so you can easily add a green and environmentally-friendly accent to your creative projects!
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  1. Krinkle-It Crinkle Cutting Paper Shredder Kit Image 1

    Krinkle-It Kit - Create your Own Decorative Crinkle Paper

    Krinkle-It Crinkle Cutting Paper Shredder Kit Image 1
    • Cut type: Krinkle-it
    • Sheet capacity: 1
    • Shred speed: 12.0 ft / min (3.7 m / min)
    • Intake throat width: 8.66" (220 mm)

    Your Price: $249.99

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