Lassco Wizer Padding Equipment
Creating your own, custom-made note pads has never been easier! The Lassco Wizer W175 Ultra II padding Press is perfect for any organization that needs an efficient way to make pads of up to 18'' wide and 22'' high. We also have many accessories you can use with this system or with any other machine. The adjustable pad counter allows you to pick the perfect number of sheets of paper, while the padding compound and the padding brush can help you make your own pads quickly. Buy your Lassco Wizer Padding Equipment from MyBinding and save money with every order!

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  1. Lassco Wizer 2" Padding Brush

    • Type: Brush
    • Handle is made of durable wooden
    • Width is 2"
    • Part Number is W178
    Part #: W178


  2. Lassco Wizer Adjustable Pad Counter

    • Solid wood handle.
    • Chrome plated spade.
    • Quickly pick the perfect amount of paper each time.
    • Designed specifically to save you time and hassle.

    Starting At: $20.19

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  3. Lassco Wizer W174 Pad Separating Knife - W174

    • Separates pads smoothly and easily.
    • Carbon steel blade with solid wood handle.
    • Smoothly fits between pads to separating them for easy stacking, moving, production, and more.
    • Part Number: W174
    Part #: W174


3 Items

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