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Lithco Knife Guard

Make sure your three-knife trimmers have the safety precautions you need with these practical and simply essential Plastic Knife Guards. Designed to maximize your safety and to keep the sharp blades covered on and off your cutting and trimming machine, these guards are made from high quality, heavy-duty polymer measuring ΒΌ'' in thickness. The black and yellow safety hazard design helps to increase visibility, while the magnetic strip will guarantee the guards won't come off when you least expect them to. Choose from the 16'' or the 22'' knife guards and start feeling more relaxed around your cutting machine!
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  1. Plastic Knife Guard

    Plastic Knife Guard

    Plastic Knife Guard
    • Essential safety item for three-knife trimmers
    • Guards knives on and off the machine
    • Black and yellow safety hazard tape for high visibility
    • Constructed of 1/4" thick, heavy-duty polymer
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    16" Plastic Knife Guard MIS-PKG16

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    22" Plastic Knife Guard MIS-PKG22

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