For 60 years, Mactac is manufacturing and distributing pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) materials that are used in label printing, graphic design, packaging, retail display, fleet graphics, automotive assembly, medical device assembly, and more.
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Overlaminates and Mounting Films
Choose PERMACOLOR films from Mactac - the most complete line of mounting and laminating products designed to protect graphic images while enhancing their appearance. PERMACOLOR films are ideal for use with photographic, ink jet, electrostatic, lithographic and screen-printed images.
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Mactac REBEL
Multi-Print Media
Need to do a large run, in a short time and you’re watching the bottom line? Then you need REBEL, a full line of quality screen-printable media for a wide range of graphic applications. REBEL multi-print media have outdoor durability from 2, 4 & 5 years. From signage and vehicle graphics to point-of-purchase, billboards, banners, indoor floor graphics, wall and window graphics, and more, REBEL can provide you with cost-effective, long lasting graphics.
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Mactac IMAGin
Digital Print Media
IMAGin wide-format digital media offers material for all your application needs. Available in widths from 30–64”, matte and gloss finishes and permanent or removable adhesive, you can only IMAGin what Mactac has to offer you. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing technology allows us to offer you high-performance acrylic adhesives that perform like no other and our vinyls offer the best printing surface on the market. Our primary digital coating line is fully automated, so no human hand touches your IMAGin product until you open the box.
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Mactac’s parent company, LINTEC, is a leading company in the field of adhesive materials. The product lineup covers many diversified fields including not only adhesive papers and films for seals and labels, but also shatter-proof window films, adhesive sheets for outdoor signs, interior finishing mounting sheets, automobile-use adhesive products, semiconductor-related tape, and LCD-related adhesive products.

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  1. Mactac IMAGin JX999R 2.6mil Gloss Clear PVC 54" x 164' Window Print Media

    • Clear gloss, polymeric stabilized PVC film
    • Adhesive Type: Removable Acrylic
    • Designed for flat to slightly curved surfaces such as window graphics and display graphics.
    • Designed for solvent-based ink jet printing
    Part #: JX999R


  2. Permacolor ColorTrans CT2200 Series Optically Clear Perm/Rem Mounting Films

    • Optically-clear permanent/removable mounting film
    • 100% Chlorine, vinyl and phthalate-free
    • Non-water whitening for wet application
    • Films: Polyester (PET)

    Starting At: $479.51

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  3. IMAGin B-free GRUV GV529BFD 3mil 54" x 150' Gloss White Permanent Print Media

    • 3.0-mil gloss white PVC
    • Eco-solvent, solvent and UV-cured ink jet printing
    • Air-egress adhesive for faster application times
    • Five year outdoor durability
    Part #: GV529BFDW54


  4. Permacolor PromoGard PG7300 Series 3.5mil Lustre Clear Digital PS Overlaminates

    • Suitable for use over solvent, eco-solvent, UV and latex printed wide-format graphics
    • Up to four years outdoor durability
    • Protection of short-term indoor and outdoor graphics
    • Use with: IMAGin PrintVinyl, JT5800 and REBEL RB200 Series

    Starting At: $194.04

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  5. Mactac IMAGin B-free GRUV GV729BFD 2.7mil 54" x 150' Gloss White Partial Wrap Print Media

    • Air-egress permanent adhesive for fast bubble-free application.
    • Suitable for Solvent, Eco-solvent,Latex, UV inkjet, and UV screen printing
    • Seven year outdoor durability.
    • Typical Uses: Partial vehicle wraps, and Long-term indoor & outdoor signage.
    Part #: GV729BFDW54


  6. IMAGin StreetTRAX 13.5mil Grit Coated White Outdoor Floor Print Media

    • 13.5 mil, non-skid, printable, clear grit coated outdoor stabilized white film.
    • Designed for the production of outdoor sidewalk and parking lot ‘floor’ graphics.
    • Designed for excellent printability with flatbed latex, UV-Gel and UV-cured inkjet printers.
    • No Lamination Needed.

    Starting At: $500.93

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  7. Permacolor Gemini XT Opaque White Rubber Back Mounting Films

    • High-tack, high-peel adhesions and high cohesive strength for quick adhesion
    • Good for low energy surfaces such as Sintra, plastic and styrene
    • White polypropylene film coated on both sides with an aggressive rubber based, pressure sensitive adhesive
    • Durability: Five years or more indoors and up to 1 year outdoors.

    Starting At: $214.85

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  8. IMAGin B-free GRUV GV429P 3.2mil 54" x 150' Gloss White Permanent Print Media

    • 3.2-mil gloss white PVC
    • B•free® air-egress for easy installation
    • Bright white face for excellent color fidelity
    • Solvent and UV printable
    Part #: GV429PW54L150


  9. Permacolor PermaFlex PF6300 5mil Clear PVC Textured Overlaminate

    • Thin enough for retractable banners yet durable enough for floor graphics
    • Outdoor durability is three years in vertical applications and indoor durability is five years
    • Floors; use indoor only, durability is 1–3 years depending on traffic.
    • Lamination to either one or both sides of photographic prints, transparencies and digital images to impart protection

    Starting At: $284.11

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  10. Mactac IMAGin B-Free Frosted Matte Vinyl 3.1mil Window Print Media

    • Adhesive Type: Permanent Acrylic
    • Frosted translucent facestock for etched glass look.
    • Micro-structured adhesive for dry applications on windows eliminates the messy clean up of wet-application fluids.
    • Reverse printable to be read through glass.

    Starting At: $311.17

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  11. Mactac Rebel RB599H 4mil Gloss Clear High-Tack 54" x 150' Vinyl Print Media

    • Wide-format and screen printable
    • Up to five year outdoor durability
    • High-tack for hard-to-stick-to materials
    • 4-mil soft clear gloss, polymeric stabilized PVC film designed for solvent-based ink jet printing and screen printing
    Part #: RB599HW54L150


  12. Mactac IMAGin JT5800 Series Vinyl Print Media

    • 3.7-mil matte/gloss white vinyl
    • Four year outdoor durability
    • Typical Uses: Billboards & Decals, Floor graphics, and transit graphics
    • Brilliant white face for truer, brighter colors

    Starting At: $255.12

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  13. Permacolor PermaFlex PF6400 3.75mil 54" x 150' Clear Poly Textured Floor Overlaminate

    • Cost effective enough for short-term promotions
    • Does not finger print
    • Films: Polyolefin
    • Use with: IMAGin JT5828R , B free Gruv GV429R, IMAGin DigiTrans and REBEL RB228R
    Part #: PF6454


  14. Mactac IMAGin B-Free Gloss Clear Vinyl 3.1mil Window Print Media

    • Adhesive Type: Permanent Acrylic
    • Gloss clear facestock.
    • Micro-structured adhesive for dry applications on windows eliminates the messy clean up of wet-application fluids.
    • Reverse printable to be read through glass.

    Starting At: $311.17

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  15. Mactac Rebel X-Treme RB528X 4mil Matte White High-Tack Vinyl Print Media

    • REBEL X can be printed on multiple platforms: Screen, latex, UV and solvent ink jet, thermal transfer, UV Flexo and UV offset.
    • Five year or better outdoor durability.
    • Brilliant blue white face offers the best base for great color reproduction, especially with high intensity images.
    • Typical Uses: Any job where your graphic just has to stick and stay stuck!

    Starting At: $318.37

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  16. IMAGin M-Dot 5.7mil 54" x 164' Matte White Window Print Media w/ Dot Patterned Adhesive

    • Easy and fast application and removability thanks to the dotted adhesive
    • Able to be reapplied if adhesive is kept clean
    • Good printablility on UV, Latex, Solvent and Eco-Solvent Ink jet Printers
    • Excellent transparency with minimum interference of dots (on clear MD199)
    Part #: MD128W54L164


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