Master 3-Hole Punches
The options and possibilities when it comes to the standard 3-hole punch are limitless. Sometimes it feels like the options are overwhelming and you’re not sure which model to go with. Here at we offer a line of 3-hole punches by Martin Yale that are exactly what you are looking for. Each of these machines features a ruled paper guide so you can ensure all your pages are lined up correctly and even come with handle locks that hold the handle down for storage and safety. Plus each as a paper chip pan so you don’t have to worry about picking up them up after each use. Check out our options below.
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  1. Master MP40 3-Hole Punch by Martin Yale

    • Soft to the touch padded handle is for easier and more comfortable punching
    • Pre-set to punch 9/32" holes to fit a standard 3-ring binder
    • Handle locks down for storage and safety
    • Adjustable paper guide for quick and easy set-up
    Part #: MP40


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