MyBinding Pre-Punched Binding Paper

No need to spend more of your time and money on punching paper yourself-let us do it for you. We carry one of the widest selections of pre-punched paper on the internet. Our holes punches fit GBC CombBind, 3:1 wire, 4:1 coil with 43 and 44 holes, VeloBind 11 hole, 3:1 ProClick, 3 hole, 2:1 wire, and un-punched paper. We offer them in more than 50 colors with varying thickness, from 20lb to 22 and 24lb papers. If you're company is making the switch to environmentally-conscious, we even carry recycled paper pre-punched. And! Last, but not least, we offer out pre-punched paper in letter, half letter, legal, and A4 sized sheets. So be prepared for the next round of binding with our pre-punched paper from MyBinding today.