Astrobrights Binding Covers With Window

Transforming any project immediately is easy with any cover from this mesmerising selection. The Astrobrights Binding Covers with Window are high quality, practical, and simply gorgeous. Made from paper that has been sourced responsibly, these covers are also acid-free and lignin-free, so you can use them with any printing and binding system. With a thickness of 65 lb and 80 lb, sizes that go from 8.5'' x 11'' to 8.75'' x 11.25'', and 9'' x 11'', you can start your journey of finding the perfect cover for your projects. Choosing just one color? That may be significantly more difficult! What to order, when you have Sunburst Yellow, Pulsar Pink, Lunar Blue or Galaxy Gold? Remember, order these covers pre-punched, and you'll be able to use them as soon as they arrive!
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