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Sand Astroparche Covers

A creamy light brown color, the color of sand at the mouth of an Egyptian river, will make a great cover or accent piece. Choosing creative papers just shows everyone how creative you and your work are. And these covers are easy to use, too. They are strong enough to add support to a project or craft, but also thin enough to be called malleable and flexible. And we make sure you're getting what you need-we offer lots of different sizes and offer a pre-punched option. These covers are especially good for environmentally-themed projects and reports. Not only do they mimic real earthy tones, but they are also FSC and Green Seal certified.
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  1. Astroparche Sand 65lb Covers Image 1

    Astroparche Sand 65lb Covers

    Astroparche Sand 65lb Covers Image 1
    • 65lb marbled creamy tan cardstock
    • Available in 8 different sizes
    • Can be ordered unpunched or 8 various punch styles with die-cut windows
    • Comes in packs of 50
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    Astroparche Sand 8.5" x 11" 65lb Cover - 50pkMYAPC8.5X11SD

    Your Price: $20.19

    Astroparche Sand 8.75" x 11.25" 65lb Cover - 50pkMYAPC8.75X11.25SD

    Your Price: $21.29

    Astroparche Sand 5.5" x 8.5" 65lb Cover - 50pkMYAPC5.5X8.5SD

    Your Price: $16.79

    Astroparche Sand 9" x 11" 65lb Cover - 50pkMYAPC9X11SD

    Your Price: $22.49

    Astroparche Sand 8.5" x 14" 65lb Cover - 50pkMYAPC8.5X14SD

    Your Price: $22.49

    Astroparche Sand 11" x 17" 65lb Cover - 50pkMYAPC11X17SD

    Your Price: $29.19

    Astroparche Sand A3 Size 65lb Cover - 50pkMYAPCA3SD

    Your Price: $43.09

    Astroparche Sand A4 Size 65lb Cover - 50pkMYAPCA4SD

    Your Price: $22.49

    Astroparche Sand 8.5 x 11 Covers With Windows - 50 SetsMYAPC8.5X11SDW

    Your Price: $58.59

    Astroparche Sand 8.75 x 11.25 Covers With Windows - 50 SetsMYAPC8.75X11.25SDW

    Your Price: $60.79

    Astroparche Sand 9" x 11" 65lb Cover With Windows - 50 SetsMYAPC9X11SDW

    Your Price: $66.09

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