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Pro Pack Shrink Wrap Machines

Pro Pack Inc.
Pro Pack offers everything you need for professional shrink wrap food items, books, boxes and more. Browse their selection of shrink wrap systems and sealers that are designed to work with a variety of film types.
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Pro Pack
Shrink Wrap
Pro Pack offers a range of equipment that make shrink wrapping your products easy and effecient.
Pro Pack
The Pro-Pack group is the manufacturer of Dynaclear shrink film as well as a wide variety of shrink film equipment. Whether you need a simple heat gun, a sealer bar or something more sophisticated such as a single step chamber or a shrink tunnel we carry them. These systems are designed for use with standard PVC and high quality polyolefin shrink films. Whether you need to shrink wrap products for sale, food items, books, magazines or anything else they have the equipment to make it happen. Take a look at the choices below, order your equipment and start shrinking today.