Purple Cows Craft Trimmers and Blades
MyBinding.com is proud to present the Purple Cows Trimmer and Accessories line. Designed with the crafter, scrapbooker, and everyday user in mind, Purple Cows has elevated the market with innovative presentation and functionality. Featuring the one-of-a-kind Click Blade system, Purple Cows Trimmers allow users to quickly and easily switch between blades with a simple twist and pop procedure. With up to 12 different blade selections, creativity and personalization have never been easier. Combined with the premium cut of a guillotine and the accuracy and precision of a trimmer, the Purple Cows Craft Trimmers are ideal for any crafting level. Built-in measurements make editing fast and detailed. But, if you prefer more freedom in your craftsmanship you might want to give the Freestyle Mouse a try. It allows a free motion trimming, providing a wide range of possibilities with no limits. The Purple Cows brand is the line that a crafter trusts. Don't settle for less. Strive and surround yourself with the best!
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