Quartet Poster Frames
Give your organization's signage more visual impact with these practical and affordable Quartet Poster Frames. We carry a few options you can choose from, all designed to enhance your displays with an elegant finishing touch. The Quartet Improv Silver Clip Frame Sign can be placed on a table or installed on a wall and it's available in four different sizes. Need a sign you can place in a lobby or in an area with high foot traffic? Select from the pedestal or the A-frame design, both made with a silver gray aluminum base and frame. All of these frames feature a non-glare overlay that will protect your messages.

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  1. Quartet Improv Silver Lobby Clip Frame Sign - LCF2418

    • Durable 54.5" pedestal holds 18" W x 24" H Improv Sign to give maximum visibility to your customized, high-quality display
    • Sturdy base will stay put in high-traffic environments, including lobbies and restaurants
    • Unhinge frame edges with one easy flip to quickly update
    • Fits papers or posters measuring up to 18" W x 24" H
    Part #: QRT-LCF2418


  2. Quartet Improv Silver A-Frame Clip Frame Sign - AF32

    • Size: 2' W x 3' H
    • Surface Material: anodized brushed aluminum
    • Frame Material: graphite finish
    • Magnetic: No
    Part #: QRT-AF32


2 Items

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