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Quartet iQ Whiteboards

Add more style and functionality to an office, conference room, training space, or boardroom with these elegant Quartet IQ Mobile Whiteboards, available in four popular sizes. A clever investment into any organization that requires a more sophisticated communication and presentation solution, these boards will certainly stand out in any space. The translucent frame is distinctively contemporary and extends the writing surface from edge to edge. The board's Total Erase surface will not ghost or stain and will maintain its immaculate beauty intact for a very long time. Easy to install, these boards can be placed horizontally or vertically, even on a curved wall.
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  1. Quartet IQ Mobile Whiteboard Image 1

    Quartet IQ Mobile Whiteboard

    Quartet IQ Mobile Whiteboard Image 1
    • 4 popular sizes.
    • Translucent frame.
    • Includes attachable tray and 1 marker.
    • Flexible mounting system.
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    Quartet 11" x 6.75" IQ Mobile Whiteboard - TM1107 QRT-TM1107

    Was: $26.88

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    Quartet 23" x 16" IQ Mobile Whiteboard - TM2316 QRT-TM2316

    Was: $79.70

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    You Save: 43%

    Quartet 35.5" x 22.5" IQ Mobile Whiteboard - TM3623 QRT-TM3623

    Was: $130.45

    Your Price: $74.54

    You Save: 43%

    Quartet 46.5" x 31" IQ Mobile Whiteboard - TM4929 QRT-TM4929

    Was: $223.66

    Your Price: $105.26

    You Save: 53%

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