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These high quality Renz Premium Wire Binding Supplies are some of the best wire binding spines on the market. Renz premium ring wire spines are conveniently packed on special plastic trays to prevent the spines from getting bent or tangled. They allow pages lie flat with 360 degree rotation for convenient note taking and photocopying. Made from the highest quality raw materials, Renz Premium Ring Wire provides a permanent bind to your documents giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your presentations always look great and stay secure. Renz Premium Ring Wire comes in a "C" shape and is designed for use with your wire binding machine or wire closer. Check out the full line of Premium Renz Ring Wire spines today.
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  1. Renz Premium Green 2:1 Twin Loop Ring Wire

    • Premium green 2:1 twin loop wire.
    • This wire is 11" in length and 2:1 pitch, (21 holes, 2 holes per inch).
    • Diameters starting at 1/4" up to 1-1/2" and are able to hold from 20 to 310 sheets of 20lb paper.
    • Compatible with any wire closer or 2:1 wire binding machine.
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